The inspiration for my creative work comes from a couple personal interests, Textiles design and Aerial imagery. Repetition of geometric forms, organic forms, organization of land masses and hand stitching is a important element of my paintings. 

I also place an importance in my work to the memory of my mother. During her life time my mother created many quilts and textiles. Hand stitching and incorporating fabrics has always been a personal way for me to remember my mom with my work.
ContinuousAerial Beautydetail imagedetail imageBlack and White LandscapeAerial 1Detail image of Aerial 1Quilted LandscapeQuilted Farm LandButtonsLayered Wall PaperLand FormsSOLDSOLDCrazy QuiltCrop PatternsSee ThroughSOLDKansas LandscapeSunflower ArrangementSpring SunflowersBlack and white landscapeWild FlowersFall LandscapeMany Land PatternsPano SunflowersSingle SunflowerOrganic Formed LandscapeOrchidLarge SunflowerSOLDWestern Kansas LandscapeSOLDDouble Encaustic