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  • 2016 Brings New Work

    With the beginning of this year I commented myself to start a new body of work. It has been awhile since I painted on a large canvas, 48 x 40. So the painting included with this post is my first for 2016, oil paint, oil glazes, on canvas, "Aerial Landscape". I am extremely thrilled with the texture created by my mark making and texture of the paint itself. Compositionally the painting came together when I started to glaze the work. Laying the painting flat and glazing opens up a whole new visual perspective.

    Also I have started two flower oil paintings. There is nothing that makes more happy than nature and flower gardens. Sunflowers are extremely enjoyable to paint. Also Kansas winters are usually cold and not all that pleasant. So painting with color and flowers just makes me happy. The sunflower painting included with my post is 22 x 24, oil paint, oil glazes on canvas. Currently I am working on a Tulip piece and will include a post and picture with my next post.

    I am happy to have my mix media paintings and pottery at "The Open Window" located in the NOTO Arts District in Topeka, Kansas. A big thank you to Carolyn for carrying my work! Also my website; mramberg.com is another location to see my paintings.