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  • Returning to Watercolor

    Returning to Watercolor

    For the past several months my focus has been with watercolor and ink. I cannot express how much I enjoy working with this lovely medium. The subject matter I have been fascinated with is flower/weed pods and seeds. The shapes, colors, and just beautiful organic nature has capture my attention. 

    This new body of work began with my walks with my hasband and dogs. During the winter months in Kansas everything is dead in nature, so I was seeing all these beautful dried up seed pods of flowers and yes, even weeds. When getting back to my studio I started working through compositions in my sketchbooks. I desided to take these small objects and enlarge them! Using Arches 300lb. watercolor paper, I drew my designs to stretch through the entire page. 

    Even with the Kansas winters not showing much in the way of colors, I could not resist myself but add color to my design. I stayed faily limited with color selected for each piece, but over all I am pleased with each decision I made.