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  • Summer painting bliss and some other things.

    With the beginning of summer I find I have time on my hands. Of course this is a good thing because I can just work on my own creative work. I started a new large canvas oil painting with hand stitiching. I have been looking at aerial city scapes, there is something beautiful with organization of urban spaces. Squares, circles and line work. I starting this series of city scapes of towns from my past and present.

    My technique of appling oil paint is completely with the palette knife and then I use oil glazes on top of that wonderful texture. Its a bit of a process, but the end result is this layer upon layer colors of texture.

    I began teaching a Digital Art Class and since then I have started using Sketchbook Pro on my iPad. I first take a picture of my painting in progress, and then open it up in Sketchbook Pro App. This App is very easy to use, it is a much smaller version of Photoshop! When I am struggling with color, I will add those colors to my painting in the app and see what I think. To be truthful I am not getting the true color and texture but it gives me a great idea for color choices. The image below the top picture is my painting and the bottom picture was in Sketchbook Pro.  My dream item would be a iPad Pro with the Apple Pen!!