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  • Little bit of paint a little bit of clay!

    Just this week I started the second painting in my series of aerial towns & neighborhoods. Time consuming is putting it mildly! I always incorporate hand stitiching  let alone all the oil painting after words. I am asked why I torture myself with all this stitching? Very simply, it my way of recorporating my moms memory and her love for textiles. There is something extremely soothing and meditative in the act of stitching, also it is just the importance of remembering my mom.

    My oil paintings are a labor of love. There is alot of time besides the stitching but with the application of oil paint and glazes. Most people are suprised to know I never use a brush to apply paint. My method is using a palettel knife. Sprending the lush beautiful oil paint on the canvas and excessing paint I achieve beautiful textural effects. The down side of using oils is the time it takes to dry. But I am a true lover of oils, I have tried acyrlics but my training and education was with oils, and I love the look and feel of the medium.

    My afternoons I work at the Lawrence Art Center in the clay studio. I enrolled in a class this summer that I am just throwing on the wheel. It is nice to just work on my art and not teaching. It is lovely to take classes at the Art Center because you can go and use the studio to work on other times, not just during your class time. This fall and winter I plan enrolling in the open studio so I just go work on whatever projects I want! Its a fabulous creative place!

    My goal is to throw larger pieces. Right now I have thrown many cups. The lovely thing about pottery is the surface designing, at least for this girl. I like the construction but it all comes down to the surface. "Mishima" is my favorite way to design the surface. Being able to draw my own designs and add color is fabulous, but also time consuming. I will be posting more of my pottery through out the summer.