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  • New work and studio happenings!

    New work and studio happenings!

    I juggle teaching full time high school art, instructing Design 1 at Washburn University and carving out time for my own creative work. Yikes, sounds like a lot and it is! But all my busyiness is all about art and creating. 

    With just several weeks left in the school year my focus is drifting to my studio and new ideas for paintings that have been stored in my sketchbook. My studio practice as of late has been working on small pieces, watercolors and a commissioned painting for returning collector of my work. I enjoyed the collaborative process with hearing clients ideas of subject matter and colors. It is extremely humbling to have a individual like your painting style and ask you to paint a piece. 

    Presently in my studio I just started working on a large 48x72 inch painting. I am focusing on the aerial landscape and family past. I am captivated by the use of vintage wall papers, hand papers and fabrics. The contrast between the oil paint and paper textures add some additional visual interest. I love the idea of using the old/vintage papers, there is a story to tell just with those materials.